Calls to Action

Moms Against Hate: Advocate for Change!

HTEI stands steadfast in our mission to create a community where every historically marginalized individual feels seen, respected, and celebrated. We are troubled by the actions of groups like Moms for Liberty, and their upcoming event in Philadelphia, which threatens the well-being of marginalized communities, specifically our LGBTQ+ youth.

Their agenda, featuring discussions and speeches from figures notorious for their anti-LGBTQIA+ stances, undermines diversity education and opposes accommodations for transgender students. Furthermore, they advocate for banning books that educate about marginalized identities. 

We find Marriott's decision to host this group particularly concerning, given their public support for LGBTQIA+ rights. We need to hold them accountable.

Here's our expanded call to action:

Stand with us against hate. Let's build an equitable and inclusive community together.

We Stand for Educational Equity

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision prohibiting colleges and universities from taking race into consideration as a specific basis for granting admission, we at the Haddon Township Equity Initiative (HTEI) feel compelled to raise our voices. This landmark decision overturns long-standing precedent that has benefited Black and Latine students in higher education, thereby perpetuating the systemic barriers and discrimination that have long continued to exist in these institutions.

In the words of Preston Mitchum (@preston.mitchum), a thought leader we deeply respect: “This will have devastating consequences. …the Fourteenth Amendment IS a race-conscious remedy. It was intended WITH RACE IN MIND to ensure newly freed enslaved Black people were not discriminated against. …There's literally NO explanation of this ruling without anti-Blackness in mind.” 

Meanwhile, “…legacy admissions, which largely help white student applicants, still stand… Racism has penetrated the very fabric of our country and we are trying to solve for it… Attacks on Black, Brown, and other students of color; benefits of legacy students (read: mostly wealthier white families); state legislative attacks on LGBTQ+ youth; trans violence; reduction of funding for DEI; pushback on critical race theory, etc. Our oppression is inextricably linked.”

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson highlights in her dissent, "Our country has never been colorblind... [this] fails to acknowledge the well documented 'intergenerational transmission of inequality' that still plagues our citizenry." We couldn't agree more.

Here are some actions we can all take:

Remember, in the words of Justice Jackson, "No one benefits from ignorance". Let's seize this opportunity to learn, grow, and fight for a more equitable future. 

Join us in our mission.